Vlog: New York Ripper

Monday, 16 November 2015

In which I begin to attempt to discuss some of my thoughts on New York Ripper through the medium of video. I apologise in advance for the poor quality, in particular the sound. For some reason video doesn't work on mobile devices, apologies!

Part One


Part 2


  1. Any discussion about Italian genre cinema is welcomed and important to plenty of us weirdos, plus I haven't encountered many (re: almost no) women that are knowledgeable on the subject, let alone being interested in the genre, so that viewpoint is great to add to the conversation.

    1. Ah that's so great to hear - really appreciate the comment and it's always reassuring to hear others who are interested in your views! Hopefully I'll post the rest of this and continue to share some of my thoughts on video. Thank you for taking the time to check it out and leave a comment!

    2. Absolutely! I found your blog through the Gialloween party link that Michael linked to in the Movie Matters Halloween Special post (which I guested on). I'm happy to add your blog to my 'Links' section, if you want to do the same. Rock on.

    3. I'm so sorry! I didn't even make the connection. I listened to the podcast at the weekend and absolutely loved it. A great listen and I enjoyed your contribution - you should definitely guest again in the future. I will add you on mine now.

    4. Ha ha, no worries. Thank you kindly. I added you to my 'Links' as well. If you have any other sites besides the blog that you want linked please let me know. I've actually guested numerous times on Movie Matters (speaking about De Palma, Spielberg and several times on the Halloween Specials). Maybe you'll guest someday! Take care.

  2. Rachael, huge respect. Putting yourself on camera to talk about films is infinitely more nerve and anxiety inducing than appearing on a (audio) podcast. As Dan has already mentioned above, you have insight and intelligence to add to and enrich the discussion of Italian genre cinema. The issue of gender shouldn't be a qualifying factor but the plain truth is the discourse on gialli (perhaps even other areas of horror cinema too) is in dire need of more female voices and points of view. In isolation, men (and vice-versa) can only go so far in their appreciation and understanding of the pleasures and meanings of these films. I am convinced, many male fans of these types of movies would dearly like and appreciate the perspective and opinions of a female viewer. It was very generous of you to share this video along with your writing. Thank you. And it goes without saying, we would welcome you with open arms as a guest on the Movie Matters podcast in the future. Any text or pre-recorded MP3s are also most welcome. Either Michael, Dan or I could help you with any technical queries you may have. You can always reach us at moviematterspodcast[at]gmail[dot]com or find us at moviematterspodcast.com


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